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30 Fruit Infused Water Recipes

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30 Delicious & Healthy Fruit Infused Water Recipes

30 Fruit Infused Water Recipes is an all in one solution to get started making your own fruit fruit infusions - no special equipment required!. Get started and download your copy now!
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Have great fun and improve your health by making our delicious recipes such as our Green Tea & Cool Mint Rapid Detox - great for flushing toxins. Or maybe try our recipe for a Sweet & Fruity Immunity Booster - great for preventing colds!

"...Drinking fruit infused water is the best way to hydrate yourself whilst boosting your intake of essential vitamins for health, detox, weight loss and internal cleansing..."

30 Fruit Infused Water Recipes tells you exactly how to create your own fruit infused water combinations step by step. It's so easy to get started doing this and you probably have everything you need in your kitchen already!

Take a look at the BENEFITS of drinking Fruit Infused Water:

You take in important vitamins. Ever heard that when you cook vegetables, you shouldn't leave them to soak first? And when you have boiled them, you should keep and consume the water as gravy? This is because that a process known as osmosis happens when fruit, or vegetables are added to water. The important nutrients contained within them are transferred to the water they are soaking in.

Makes you feel fuller, so you don't at as much, leading to weight loss and weight maintenance.

Helps you lose weight. Fruit infused water provides a range of different nutrients, whilst at the same time, being naturally low in calories and sugar. A must for any weight loss diet - including a low carbohydrate diet!

Improves your mood. Makes you feel happier naturally.

The added nutrients flush toxins from your system faster than normal water.

It tastes better!

Provides a natural immune boost. Especially water infused with citrus fruits which contain vitamin C which has been proven to be great for immunity.

It is naturally sugar free. Fruit contains natural sugars which impart a small amount of sweetness into the water.

There are virtually unlimited combinations. Never get bored of drinking plain water again!

Helps you to follow an alkaline diet. So many fruit juices and alcohol are acidic and cause an acidic reaction within the body. Fruit infused water is the opposite and creates an alkaline reaction in the body. An alkaline system is one which is better able to resist autoimmune diseases and undesired conditions.

And much more!! Download our book now and discover more about how good this water is for you - and how you can get started with our deliciously refreshing recipes!

Take a look at some of the recipes inside this book:

Green Tea & Cool Mint Rapid Detox

Rainbow Citrus Blast

Pear & Vanilla Dream

Cardamom-Rose Ice Water

Sweet & Fruity Immunity Booster

So what are you waiting for? Order Your recipe book now and cleanse and purify your system with our delicious fruit infused water recipes!

Bored Guys

RRP $18.99

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All guys get bored sometimes right?

What if you were always bored with your personal life? What if all the girls you met wanted commitment, and kids, and all the things you didn't? What could you and your best friend, and roommate, come up with to do? Could you find something that would let you never worry about having a date, or girlfriend again? Something that would give you entertainment and excitement for the rest of your life? Something that would allow you to have a friend with benefits always available? Sounds great, doesn't it?

What if that something challenged your creative abilities, beliefs of what a man is and opened a new door to sensuality and sexuality? Could you do it?

What would be the price? Could you pay it? Would you be a real man that could face the changes required and the fears you'd have? Would it ruin your friendship with your best buddy, or make it better by tearing down walls, breaking paradigms, and opening up new intimacy between you both? Could you not be afraid to keep it hidden from work and friends, like you would definitely have to? Would your ego be able to take your new label?

Experience what a couple of bored guys did to make their life more interesting. Feel what they felt when they dove headfirst into the steamy, hot world of cross dressing and feminization when they decided to make themselves into the perfect avatars of women. Feel the sensations when they first dressed and got fully feminized. Live their experiences when they realized they were becoming sissy faggot sluts that couldn't stop satisfying other men - tranny babes that use male chastity devices, the way cuckolds and their hot wives do, to keep their cuckolded males libido high and prevent the inevitable release. Transvestites that were so dedicated to becoming perfect in their transformation, that they didn't miss a thing and transformed so well, that real men desired them and fantasized over them, along with other things, over them, on them, and in them, in the process.

When their good time is over will they revert to what they were, or will they forever be changed into submissive feminized sissy faggot sluts by their experiences into the sensual and sexual lives they created for themselves?

Be a real man. See if you could take on the challenge of a lifetime; break all of your old views of what makes a man and what makes a great life. Don't have the guts? That's okay. That's what fiction is for. Read about it and dream about it, in this highly explicit, X-rated for adults only, tale not of forced feminization, but willing male feminization, done by men that chose to. About 26,000 words and 110 or so pages of bored guys becoming hot, sexy, she male sluts.

"I read this to increase my libido, and just to stay on the edge. It's better than just looking at pictures, since words form much better images in your mind and you can feel the sensations. This was an exciting read. I plan to read more of Deloto and Newgen's hot work." - Anonymous Cross Dresser

"This paints a dream come true to have a roommate, or best friend, like this and be able to delve into this socially unacceptable, but highly erotic experience with them. It may not be possible to find someone like that all the time, but it sure is fun to think about it." Anonymous Sissy Faggot

"After I read this, I shaved my whole body so I could feel what they did when I got fem. I went shopping and it was a lot harder to buy everything, and get it to look decent, than it was for them, but it s till felt great. Clothes really do make the manHot." - Anonymous Previously Bored Guy.

"My hot wife makes me read Deloto and Newgen's books since I'm her cuckold. She makes read Deloto and Newgen's books on the days before her boyfriends come to the house when I have to dress up all feminine, and wear my cage while she makes them happy. It does help get me in the mood pretty good." - Anonymous Cuck Sissy

The Water Babies

RRP $24.99

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The beloved Victorian childrenas taleanow available in its original unabridged edition
Instantly popular upon its initial publication in 1863, "The Water Babies" is at once a bewitching childhood fantasy and a skillfully woven moral allegory. Tom, a young chimney sweep, escapes his horrendous job and his cruel boss, Grimes, when fairies plunge him into a fantastical world under the sea. As he meets and befriends his fellow water babies, as well as all sorts of sea creatures, he begins to learn some valuable lessons. Much in demand by scholars, this authoritative new editionafeaturing the Victorian illustrations from early editionsawill charm children and adults alike.


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