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30 Fruit Infused Water Recipes

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30 Delicious & Healthy Fruit Infused Water Recipes

30 Fruit Infused Water Recipes is an all in one solution to get started making your own fruit fruit infusions - no special equipment required!. Get started and download your copy now!
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Have great fun and improve your health by making our delicious recipes such as our Green Tea & Cool Mint Rapid Detox - great for flushing toxins. Or maybe try our recipe for a Sweet & Fruity Immunity Booster - great for preventing colds!

"...Drinking fruit infused water is the best way to hydrate yourself whilst boosting your intake of essential vitamins for health, detox, weight loss and internal cleansing..."

30 Fruit Infused Water Recipes tells you exactly how to create your own fruit infused water combinations step by step. It's so easy to get started doing this and you probably have everything you need in your kitchen already!

Take a look at the BENEFITS of drinking Fruit Infused Water:

You take in important vitamins. Ever heard that when you cook vegetables, you shouldn't leave them to soak first? And when you have boiled them, you should keep and consume the water as gravy? This is because that a process known as osmosis happens when fruit, or vegetables are added to water. The important nutrients contained within them are transferred to the water they are soaking in.

Makes you feel fuller, so you don't at as much, leading to weight loss and weight maintenance.

Helps you lose weight. Fruit infused water provides a range of different nutrients, whilst at the same time, being naturally low in calories and sugar. A must for any weight loss diet - including a low carbohydrate diet!

Improves your mood. Makes you feel happier naturally.

The added nutrients flush toxins from your system faster than normal water.

It tastes better!

Provides a natural immune boost. Especially water infused with citrus fruits which contain vitamin C which has been proven to be great for immunity.

It is naturally sugar free. Fruit contains natural sugars which impart a small amount of sweetness into the water.

There are virtually unlimited combinations. Never get bored of drinking plain water again!

Helps you to follow an alkaline diet. So many fruit juices and alcohol are acidic and cause an acidic reaction within the body. Fruit infused water is the opposite and creates an alkaline reaction in the body. An alkaline system is one which is better able to resist autoimmune diseases and undesired conditions.

And much more!! Download our book now and discover more about how good this water is for you - and how you can get started with our deliciously refreshing recipes!

Take a look at some of the recipes inside this book:

Green Tea & Cool Mint Rapid Detox

Rainbow Citrus Blast

Pear & Vanilla Dream

Cardamom-Rose Ice Water

Sweet & Fruity Immunity Booster

So what are you waiting for? Order Your recipe book now and cleanse and purify your system with our delicious fruit infused water recipes!

Writings From Two Bored Gods Stuck In Middle Earth

RRP $13.99

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Often we become focused on just one area of philosophy or social topic, yet fail to see from broader perspectives so as to transcend polarizing issues. If we look at the commonalities and patterns shared by multiple cultures and social customs, we begins to see that what was perceived as different was often more similar than once thought. This book focuses on spiritual philosophy and how a holistic approach is required in order to see how all things are connected to another by the universal principles that dictate their existence (ex. cause and effect - karma). There are various writings on different topics, such as: animal farms and emotional cymatic principles, the idea of merging science and spirituality using the field of consciousness and Tesla type ideas, the pineal gland/third eye and its relevance to intuitive thought and insight, dietary tips to bring about vigor and balance, and addressing common themes which have been perpetuated throughout all cultures - such as the connection between 'elite' world power players, central banking and secret societies who at their highest levels adhere to occult/esoteric principles and practices. This book serves to merge topics together to offer new, fresh perspectives. Perspectives dictate behavior, so by taking in new insights and perspectives one will begin to think and act differently. If you like books by philosophers such as Jiddu Krishnamurti, you will appreciate the tone of this book. No discussion of spirituality is complete without a focus on what the mind is in relation to the experience of matter by the five senses. Also important to address is the subconscious mind and its connection to habit-based thought patterns. If you're looking for a fresh read then try this book out. Explore the inner workings of the minds of Thor and Sif, Apollo and Athena, Shiva and Sita, and so on and so on. Any endeavor without intention, without a firm philosophy behind it, is empty. We have become so attached to the earth illusion that we have forgot to question the philosophy behind it. We have forgotten to ponder life and why we are here in the first place. We have lost our intuitive abilities, and thus are stuck on a repeating loop of behavior. Only by expanding our consciousness and perspectives can we hope to evolve and alter our current social paradigm into something more balanced, for life is movement and movement is balance.

A Boot Up Ullswater

RRP $14.99

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Ullswater, claimed to be England's most beautiful lake, is certainly the most accessible of the English Lake District's lakes being only 5 miles from the M6 at Penrith. This book features 10 walks in the area.


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