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Water Purification Using Heat Pumps

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This book is the result of a long-term co-operative research and professional development programme between the Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas (IIE), Mexico, and the University of Salford, UK. It provides the design basis for the fabrication of small and large scale commercial absorption heat pump systems, and includes a comprehensive treatment of the economics of heat pump systems. It charts the development of heat pump technology from theoretical principles to the operation of practical systems for the purification of water, both for human consumption and a wide variety of industrial purposes.
In addition to the increasing demand for potable water there is a rapidly increasing demand for clean water in industries ranging from foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals to electronics. This book will be essential reading for industrial engineers and others concerned with the cost-effective, environmentally friendly production of clean water.

Modules Of Access To Potable Water In A Changing World

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Modules to Water Access in a Changing World addresses topical issues in water supply.The book integrates detailed information on key access indices, quality, economics of demand and supply, socio-economic variables, health and sustainable development in a typical rural environment. The generation of the RTWC model and adoption of the threshold constant (K)for quantification and delineation of surplus, deficit and balance zones; water quality testing for source protection, health and food security contributes valuable data to the world of science. This book will be of utmost interest to policy makers in the water industry, geographers, hydrologists, researchers and environmental practitioners.

Happiness Is A Watermelon On Your Head

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It's completely mad....

At the end of the village, behind a green door,

Lived happy Miss Jolly, with Melvin her boar.

Each morning she'd sit in her tree playing a song

On her cello, while Melvin sang sweetly along.

A cauliflower hat, a fish bonnet, a few large animals, a flying boar called Melvin and a whole lot of watermelons.

To the villagers who watch her going about her day, it is clear that Miss Jolly is irritatingly happy. Her never-ending cheerfulness leaves three of her neighbours highly confused and jealous, driving them to ridiculous and hilarious measures in an attempt to compete with Miss Jolly in the happiness - and headgear - stakes. Beautiful and insane in equal measure, this wacky book follows three local busybodies on their journey to discover the secret of true happiness. Stella Dreis’ illustrations are striking for their humour, colourfulness and bizarreness all rolled into one. Phoenix Yard Books are proud to publish another undiscovered illustrator’s UK debut. Oh, and the watermelons rhyme...

About the Author and Illustrator

Daniel Hahn is a writer, editor and translator. He has translated fiction by novelists including José Eduardo Agualusa, José Luís Peixoto and María Dueñas (winning the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize with Agualusa’s The Book of Chameleons; and non-fiction by writers ranging from Portuguese Nobel laureate José Saramago to Brazilian footballer Pelé. He is also one of the editors of the Ultimate Book Guides, an award-winning series of reading guides for children and teenagers, and is currently assembling a new Oxford Companion to Children’s Literature. This is his first picture book. Stella Dreis was born in 1972 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In 1995 she received a scholarship for gifted students to the Academy of Fashion Design in Hamburg. Her first children’s picture book, The City that Went Off, was published in 2008. Stella’s take on the Hans Christian Andersen classic, The Princess and the Pea, 2009, was voted one of the seven best children's books of the year in Germany.


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Potable Water Recycle Water Grey Water Water Tank
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