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Naturally Healthy Living With Diatomaceous Earth

RRP $12.99

If you want to get back to nature in finding ways to keep yourself and your home clean and healthy, you'll find that you, your home, and your pets can be healthier using diatomaceous earth, Mother Earth's best kept secret. Do you want a "greener" home? Are you tired of buying expensive, toxic cleaners and polishes? Do you wish there was a cheap, safe, and effective way to rid your home of bed bugs and other six-legged pests? Do the flea control products you buy make your pets sicker than they do the fleas? Do you need a safe, gentle product to worm your pets and keep them free from parasites? Do you prefer natural remedies to potentially dangerous pharmaceutical treatments? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book was written for you.

Living In A Sustainable Way

RRP $17.95

How are many people in different places around the world learning to live in a green and sustainable way? Find out how human activities such as driving cars and wasting energy are threatening our environment and putting the future of our planet at risk. Discover how people everywhere are choosing to live more sustainably by recycling, using green sources of energy, car-sharing, and reducing air travel.

Your Journey To Christian Living

RRP $56.99

Your Journey to Christian Living: A Guide for Believers was developed by author Rev. Dr. Wesley G. Green from sermons he has preached throughout his distinguished career in Christian ministry. The book provides instructions that readers may find helpful as they seek to learn about God or navigate the journey to Christian living and a life of purpose and joy in Christ. New Christians can thrive and mature spiritually, emotionally, and physically as they endeavor to fulfill the will of God. The book is intended for use in Christian life education programs of multicultural congregations and is appropriate for use in group discussions, in one-on-one meetings with new believers or prospective members of a church, or as a workshop resource.

My Commitment To A Green World

RRP $49.95

Mutual dependence cum respect between man and the world around him has been the central core of Indian thoughts. In other words, the cosmic order and the rules of the life have to be compatible. As a natural corollary this has placed importance on the Conservation and effective sharing of the natural resources among all - man, animal, plant kingdoms apart from the very Nature itself. This has been stressed in all their precepts and practices. Individuals have to accept that mind set to make the best of their life. Developing and nurturing that mind set has been the prime aspiration, nay goal, for a majority of the Hindu practices and rituals. In this effort, Sandhyavandhanam stands out as a simple yet effective practice. The universality of its mantras - applicable and beneficial to all, irrespective of the caste, creed, and gender - has been brought out in this book by the Author. This is the second in the series of his publications - to give a fresh and practical look on the Indian thoughts, as a simple practitioner of the Hindu thoughts. While his first book "Designing the Predesigned" had focussed on the mere enunciation of available principles and practices, this book focuses on a particular method to practically achieve that mind set. The mind set can be developed either by conforming to a set practice or through mere intellectual acceptance. While the needs of intellectual acceptance has been brought out, the book also guides through the actions and methodologies so as to meet with the taste of persons finding it easy to work on set procedures to develop the desired mind set.

Make A Real Living As A Freelance Writer

RRP $50.99

Step-by-step instructions on how writers can earn top dollar writing for magazines are provided in this book. Secrets are revealed about what the high-paying magazines really want, how to build relationships with editors, how to ascertain which sections of a magazine are open to freelancers, what kinds of stories are in demand, what to do if a deadbeat publisher doesn’t pay up, how to market reprints, and how to become an expert in one’s chosen writing field. Basic terms like query, clips, and source sheet are defined for beginning writers, and tips on everything from coming up with an idea to pitching a syndicated column are also included. Writers learn about the little-known sources top freelancers use to find new stories and experts. In addition, they learn how to get their first paying assignments even if they have no prior clips, how to negotiate for better pay, how to find high-paying magazines that aren’t swamped with queries, and how to worm their way into editors’ inboxes even if their e-mail addresses aren’t publicized.


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