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Preparing Nepa Environmental Assessments

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Although upwards of 50,000 environmental assessments (EAs) are prepared annually-compared to some 500 environmental impact statements (EISs)-the focus of U.S. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulations is on defining requirements for preparing EISs. Written by Charles Eccleston and J. Peyton Doub, who have established themselves among the top environmental experts in the world, Preparing NEPA Environmental Assessments: A User's Guide to Best Professional Practices fills the need for an authoritative and comprehensive guide on how to prepare EAs.

Bridging the regulatory gap, this book identifies relevant EIS regulatory requirements that can be logically interpreted to also apply to EAs. It compiles and synthesizes information scattered throughout NEPA's regulations, executive orders, and guidance documents, and incorporates case law to provide additional clarification. The authors also draw on the professional experiences and best professional practices (BPP) of NEPA practitioners.

From the fundamentals to more advanced topics, the book presents a consistent methodology to help beginners, students, and professionals manage, analyze, and write legally sufficient EAs. It addresses dilemmas that have traditionally plagued preparation of EAs, provides BPPs, tools, and approaches for resolving problems, and introduces methods for streamlining the EA process.

Building on Eccleston's previous guide to EAs, Effective Environmental Assessments: How to Manage and Prepare NEPA Assessments (2001), this book reflects the rapid changes in government policy over the past ten years. An indispensable source of practical information, it provides readers with step-by-step direction and best practices for preparing defensible EAs.

Environmental Chemistry For A Sustainable World

RRP $656.99

Environmental chemistry is a fast developing science aimed at deciphering fundamental mechanisms ruling the behaviour of pollutants in ecosystems. Applying this knowledge to current environmental issues leads to the remediation of environmental media, and to new, low energy, low emission, sustainable processes. Chapters review analysis and remediation of pollutants such as greenhouse gases, chiral pharmaceuticals, dyes, chlorinated organics, arsenic, toxic metals and pathogen in air, water, plant and soil. Several highlights include the overlooked impact of air pollutants from buildings for health risk, innovative remediation techniques such as bioreactors for gas treatment, electrochemical cleaning of pharmaceuticals, sequestration on Fe-Mn nodules, phytoremediation and photocatalytical inactivation of microbial pathogens.

This book will be a valuable source of information for engineers and students developing novel applied techniques to monitor and clean pollutants in air, wastewater, soils and sediments.

Civil Liability For Environmental Damage : A Comparative Analysis Of Law And Policy In Europe And The United States

RRP $637.99

Environmental law is now a substantial and complex subject. Clearly, much environmental law is in the form of public regulation designed to prevent, or at least reduce pollution at source. Nevertheless, from time to time accidents occur with devastating consequences for the environment and the private interests which vest in it. In Europe, the names 'SEVESO' and 'BRAER' are synonymous with catastrophic environmental disasters. In North America, the 'EXXON VALDEZ' disaster achieved global notoriety as a symbol of modern industry's recklessness in its treatment of the environment. Cases of this nature have highlighted the impact of environmental damage on private interests and have focused attention on the law of tort in this context. By adopting a theoretical and comparative approach, the author has endeavoured to answer the basic question of whether, through increased protection of private interests, tort has the ability to provide a useful additional means of environmental protection.


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